Hi, I’m Gordon Forman.

I am GF design and media. I have worked extensively in the print industry where my experience includes design and prepress for many processes including offset, flexography and screenprint. Adobe Photoshop and llustrator have been my main tools since the mid-1990s although I have worked with a wide variety of design and multimedia software. Although I primarily have designed for print I am also comfortable designing and producing graphics for the web.

I have a small portable recording set up and can record meetings and other events on-site. I can also produce podcasts and/or audio for online streaming and have experience organizing troubleshooting and facilitating video conference events.

For more details please see the dedicated pages for services offered.

April 4, 2016 – I’m currently in the process of giving this site a much needed update. I’m sorry if some things are a little out of date or a little ragged looking.

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